Skilled Trades and Technology Course Descriptions

    Skilled Trades 1201

  • Introduction to skilled trades
  • Exploration of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, plastering, painting and masonry
  • Focus on skills, education and other requirements to attaining certification in these trades
  • Work with tools and equipment to complete tasks associated with internal aspects of house construction

    Residential Construction Technologies 2201

  • Advanced carpentry
  • Design techniques, building codes and construction methods
  • Plan and carry our construction project
  • Application of advanced carpentry, electrical and metal working skills
  • Design and production work will maximize use of computer technology, hand tools and machinery to refine skills

    Energy and Power 3201

  • Investigate how small engines and energy systems work
  • Design and construction of original products that create energy for a specific purpose
  • Small engine repair and dismantling
  • Power distribution analysis and technical engineering

    Design and Fabrication 1202

  • Introductory course
  • Use of computer aided design (CAD) software
  • Creation of products in fabrication site
  • Use of hand and power tools used in industry

    Design and Fabrication 2202

  • Continuation of Design and Fabrication 1202.
  • Design of more complex products using CAD
  • Creation of products in fabrication site
  • Production will involve tools for stock preparation and automatic lathes and routers.

    Robotic Production Technology 3202

  • Focuses on mass production
  • Computer aided manufacturing (CAM), automated production and robotics technology
  • work with a computerized manufacturing assembly line, robotic arm, automatic routers to create items they have designed themselves
  • Computer aided design and production using the above tools in a fabrication centre

    Electronics Systems technology 3205

  • Advanced computer programming
  • Communication between computers and devices
  • Advanced interfacing and control